Post-2012 thoughts.

2012 has been a pretty huge year with plenty of changes; some planned, and others that were sort of make-it-up-as-we-went-along. Regardless, I’m not kidding when I say it has been a very, very productive year – it felt like three years crammed into one. Frustrating at times, immensely exhausting, full of dumb mistakes and learning curves but still joyful nonetheless.

Here’s a recap (as far as I can tell, could have missed some stuff):

  • Venture: started StudentConn. It was supposed to be a Australian student-centric site, functioning both as a classified ads site plus blog. Sadly, I failed the sustainable effort test on this little project, leading to its eventual neglect (and likely demise).
  • Visa: Got my Australian permanent residency at long last. What a milestone, after years of hanging in the air on this topic.
  • Concerts: thoroughly enjoyed watching these first-class performers:
  • Housemoving: moved out from the city and into the burbs. Hello car! You just became my best friend. It’s great to have friends just around the corner, deeply thankful to have the Lim family so near, most especially on that crazy day when V was down with vertigo.
  • Quit my job to become a SAHD. Big change, just huge. Wrote a dozen parenting posts (read here, here, here and here). Spending time with Elly is exhausting, but priceless.
  • Sports journalism: Began writing on a slightly more serious note, both at US Sports Under and under my own venture, Celtics Down Under. Having fun on both ends because of all the like-minded folks, especially guys like Justin, Steve and Jim.
  • Basketball:
    • Quit Shohoku at the Doncaster league, probably something I should have done earlier. It was a good experience but I had to leave – personally too frustrating, and we were getting nowhere.
    • Enjoyed the early morning MSAC sessions with Dinesh, Denver and the rest.
    • Got started on Sunday league games thanks to Josh. Enjoying myself and slowly getting into the pace of things.
    • Almost had another year of injury-free ball until I tweaked that damn ankle in November.
  • Weddings: Attended two weddings in Singapore; both dear and old friends.
  • Travel: Found time for another trip back to Bangkok. A short one, but still had fun nonetheless. Love the FG for taking time out on this, and also to Marc for meeting us up.
  • Friends: met up with a few people I’d lost touch with over the years, good stuff! Referring to guys like LK, Qiuyan and Joseph. Also glad to have caught up with some of the usual people in Singapore. Thankful to the friends in Melbourne for the regular meetups too.
  • Habit: made a promise to myself on writing daily, keeping it up so far. Posts on tech, life improvement, parenthood and random blurps, take your pick.
  • Had a little fun writing about troubleshooting Wazapp on the Nokia N9, which blew the site visits up for a few weeks. Crazy how niche content drives site traffic.
  • Health: Was in pretty bad shape when I first took over childcare, but several months of sustained acupuncture and massages took care of that. Gotta be thankful for private health insurance really.

Woops, it’s past midnight already! Caught the fireworks going off, pretty lucky to be able to see them from our place. Happy 2013 everyone, may the new year be filled with joy, learning and discoveries of the pleasant kind.

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