Being out of the loop.

Having the new year start out and not having to get back to work – one of the things that I’m not really used to. Having practically the same routine seven days a week does get into your head at times, plus the social disconnect –one experiences this after not getting out of the house most of the time– is rather jarring.

Not that I’d have to get used to it, since life is likely taking another turn in about six months’ time.

Discipline on writing has been waning the past few days, and I am beginning to procrastinate. Part of it is indolence, the other factors being a vested interest in maintaining my habit of reading, a manic fascination in watching multiple NBA games a day, and of course taking care of Elly, who’s proving to be more than a handful these days.

I’m definitely looking forward to March right now. That however, is two months away, so I’ll look ahead to tomorrow instead – basketball in the evening! Life is good when there’s ball. It’s been ages since I last played with the guys though, pretty sure we’re going to turn the damn ball over multiple times.

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