Expanding the team!

We are limited by what we can achieve alone, and running a one man operation is an unsustainable idea, something I’d learnt from past experience.

For Celtics Down Under, I’m glad to have fellow fans who want to build the name up together. Slowly but surely, the pieces are coming together. We have four writers (including me) now, which will make the amount of available content so much more interesting, and allow for more content to be released on a regular basis.

To top things off, we have just taken the first step towards realising a weekly podcast/online radio feature, something that will look to be really fun. I’m just not sold on the fact that BlogTalkRadio makes you shell out forty bucks on a monthly plan for Skype hosting. The cheapest alternative would be to use Google Voice and call the landline hosting number, so that will be the way to go in the long run – you can’t beat 1c per minute unless it’s free.

Fun times, and here’s hoping I’m steering the ship in the right direction! Twitter account just passed the 200 mark and Facebook page is hovering close to 130 – not awesome figures, but it’s slowly growing. Satisfaction.

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