Getting back into weekday ball.

Today’s full court session was really fun. It has been a while since I last played with everyone, and although our offense was quite admittedly unsightly, the defense wasn’t holding up too badly. I was shouting my ass off, but everyone knows what they have to do on rotations, which is seriously a hell of an improvement over that first league game a long time ago.

It also made me realise my damn ankle’s not fully recovered; I had problems doing extreme changes of direction on the break. Ah well, looks like rehab is the keyword over here. I’m thankful nothing major’s broken, and that I’m able to ball at something approaching my normal level.

Speaking of normal level, I bricked a ton of shots (that I should have made). Most of it was definitely due to a hasty shot release, I wasn’t relaxed enough on the upper body. Outside of that, I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m allowed to take more shots, and that I do not have to handle the ball at the perimeter all the time.

Several things that need to be addressed. Randy pointed out the need to have people bearing specific roles in the team (with designated backups), just so that there’s less confusion. Another thing is focus on offensive rebounding, and designating guys to get back on transition D. Also, about passing the ball inwards on offense, which we managed to somewhat accomplish in the second game today.

Stuff to work on, and I’m happy.

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