So, does it make a profit?

A pragmatic question, but one that I somehow dislike at times.

Apparently, life as an adult is no longer about doing things out of interest, but about maximising your time into reaping concrete returns i.e. making money. Money, money, money.

Anything that does not do so is subtly deemed a waste of time, a useless venture, and something that should be dropped.

A dreadful day indeed, if I ever found myself thinking of life in this meaningless, mundane and seemingly practical (but tragic) frame of mind.

Not everything is about business, capiche?

When what you do is what you love, you’re able to invest more effort and care and time. That means you’re more likely to win, to gain share, to profit. On the other hand, poets don’t get paid. Even worse, poets that try to get paid end up writing jingles and failing and hating it at the same time.

Doing what you love (but maybe you can’t get paid for it)

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