From ’08 to ’13 – The TV PC

So I had this $500 cheapo PC built way back in 2009, just so that we could watch movies on our new (now old) LCD TV. It also served as networked storage, the de facto print server and lately, the scan center as well.

It has been with us for the better part of four years, and it looks like it’s getting ready to kick the bucket. In recent months, it had been complaining about overuse by turning itself off abruptly whenever we ran intensive programs (read: HD video). So Stan conveniently forgot about this little quirk just now, and watched an NBA replay on it. I suppose that turned out to be the straw that broke the damn camel’s back, because it refused to boot up after that.

I’d been dreading this moment for a while. So, what next?

Time to either get a straight up replacement, or to embark on an attempt to refine the home network architecture a little by switching the drives to NAS storage? Not the funnest thing though, because V likes watching YouTube clips that are mostly embedded on websites, which means the Infinitec Pocket TV I got recently did not play those clips well enough for her liking – screw Android and Flash.

Logically, the path of least resistance would be to buy a new PC, probably a mini-ITX casing with HDMI output and Gigabit Ethernet LAN and USB 3.0 connectivity. I would then have to figure out some way to reuse my existing hard drives (perhaps by stuffing them into Stan’s PC). The one tiny snag is that I used DriveBender on the storage drives, which might mean the files might be spread out over both physical drives and require some work to copy.

Life, always so complicated when a computer breaks down. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I’d love to go the uncomplicated route and just let someone else handle it, but you know one sad thing about life? Sometimes, there just isn’t that “someone else”.

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