A reminder of school.

So I got an invitation from an ex-classmate to attend the secondary school’s Founders Day in March, which I had to decline because:

  1. I’m not in Singapore, and
  2. I’ll be in the States at that time.

A real pity, because I would absolutely kill to go. Okay, maybe not kill. Would you accept everything short of that? I really wanted an excuse to visit the place, and this sounded like a first-class reason. Hell, I’m being invited!

It’s been years since I last returned to Ngee Ann, and I know I’d absolutely enjoy walking around the place once more. The place that holds so many fond memories, those years that left an indelible impression in my life, and –of all the educational institutions I’ve attended– the one that’s had the most impact on my life. The teachers, the friends, the fun things we did, so much of it is still stuck in my mind on an endless loop.

Perhaps I’ll get another chance to get back to school. Until then, Ngee Ann lives in my fondest memories, along with all the dearly beloved people from way back.

I miss you all.

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