Stumbling into 2013 with a tie game.

So. First game of 2013 for the Sunday league team that ended in a draw. We were really lucky to get a tie game honestly, the offense was just bad. They were throwing double teams at the guy with the ball all the time, we weren’t swinging it around quick enough and no one was taking shots outside of James, who was missing all of it early. Josh’s putback baskets helped a ton.

Nick was commenting on having all eight guys present today posing a problem in itself, because everyone wasn’t getting warmed up. I wonder.

It wasn’t until the second half that James found his groove and hit three of them three balls. Repeat after me: back-to-back-to-back threes. Josh hit another after that, and suddenly it was a game again. We had two klutzy turnovers because Emre was too gassed to sprint and catch the ball (stomach wasn’t feeling good), and the other team missed a potential game-winner with a second left on the shot clock.

I didn’t do much today, pretty much as bad as Brandon Bass. Worse actually. I had zero shots, zero (maybe one) rebounds, zero assists and a turnover. I need to rethink the way I play. Call a pick and get inside more? It’s tough to play my usual game when I’m on the ball, I think another move I need to relearn is the pull up shot.

Gary on the other hand continues his awesome performance from last year. He had multiple offensive rebounds, hustled all the way up court for a beautiful layup. A couple of problems to his game: he can’t put the ball back after the rebound sometimes (a hook shot would help) and he can’t draw the foul sometimes. I suggested that he try doing a pump fake to get the guys up in the air, then jump up and finish the shot. Nothing beats getting a shotblocker up like a fake under the rim, really. His free throw’s shot release look fine, I’m pretty sure he’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

We have a couple of problems on the team:

  • Emre is right when he pointed out the lack of outside shooting, most especially the corner shots. Someone has to take and make them, to stretch the defense. Josh doesn’t like taking those, he fakes the shot and throws it back out too often but I think he is perfectly capable of making them. I’d take the baseline shots but alas, too busy at the top playing potential transition D plus passing the ball around.
  • Cutters. I think we toss the ball around on the perimeter too much. There has to be more of an effort to cut into the paint and get those guys the ball for the finish, like what this team did today. They had multiple cutters going in for layups and the foul all the time, which was part of what killed us in the first half.

Same team again next week! We’ll see how things go. But improvement is difficult without team practice, once a week with assorted game time is difficult.

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