The trials and tribulations of a new PC.

So the new PC’s been completed, much thanks to Benny for his very prompt help on assembling and purchasing the rig!

Obstacle: I misplaced my Windows XP CD some time back, so Microsoft apparently is unable to provide me with a replacement CD even when I have a working license – major bummer. Good thing Stan was around to help on this part.

Obstacle 2: Might have to get a new hard drive, or two hard drives even. The old PC had three drives, one of which was unusable (IDE, not SATA), and the second having little scratchy noises that reminded me unpleasantly of the dreaded bad sector. Low level scan pronounced it 100% healthy so oh well?


My original plan was for the PC to have its output connected to the TV via HDMI instead of VGA, thinking that it’ll make a huge difference in the display.

Obstacle 3: I connected the HDMI cable, and the screen went black. Switched the TV to HDMI input, and it displayed “Invalid mode”. Googled for a bit, suggested solution was to adjust the desktop resolution so that was what I did. Nothing worked though, so I tested it with my other TV and it’s giving the same crock of shit.

At that point, I gave up and went back to using VGA. Hell, dinosaur tech from ten years ago works better and easier than recent technology, not sure what to make of it as far as usability goes. I might have another crack at it if I’m feeling it, otherwise it’ll be case closed as far as I’m concerned.

Ahh, the ordeal is finally over. Man, do I hate the process of getting a new PC up.

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