Where a ton of writing awaits.

So I’d just spent the better part of tonight polishing a travel post for Celtics Down Under to seeming perfection.


The self-congratulatory tone only lasted for a scant hour when I realised there were three more posts to be done:

  • a game preview for tomorrow’s Hornets game,
  • this daily post, and
  • another weekly rookie feature for US Sports Down Under.


I like writing, but this is a little overboard.

Back to the writing board, I’ll skimp off today’s post if you don’t mind.

Sidenote: not a Kobe fan, but it’s good to see the guy when he actually bothers to defend. In other news, the Lakers won. Again. And the strange part is, they are starting to look like a team again. I’m crediting the pick and roll Nash/Howard combo on working even when Nash is being blitzed by a double-team, and Earl Clark’s energy.

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