The incredible power of web services.

This struck me recently when I had to move off my netbook and back to the laptop from its repair job: the tool I use everyday is my Chrome browser. With sync enabled, I have 90% of what I need. Bookmarks to various sites and email for the most part, followed by access to my blogs and social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Tweetdeck (Twitter).

Not to mention the abundance of web services that do more or less the same job at a simpler level. For example, I used to use Audacity to trim MP3 files. Then along came MP3cut, which does more or less the same thing, except the fact that no installation is required.

Then we have Photoshop, which either costs a bomb or is “free”. Either way, installation required. How about checking out Pixlr Editor? A simplified version of Photoshop, online. And PSDtoWeb allows you to download the various layers of your PSD file as images/HTML files – an easy option if you do not need editing.

Now I’m just that little bit closer to being a true convert of the full web experience.

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