The whole point about ecommerce.

Snazzy graphics. A nifty product description. Call to action buttons. Easy to read fonts. Simple navigation. Search. Categories. Item suggestions. Peer reviews. Multiple payment options.

Obviously, every feature on a site is geared on easing the user towards one objective: the sale.

Does the site owner actually care about implementation? Not really. I’m currently in the “roll it out ASAP” frame of mind, so to me the speed of the rollout and product strength is more important than window dressing like the stuff I just mentioned. If your product is good, people will want it regardless of your site.

Analogy: If you have a lousy tasting hotdog for sale, no amount of mustard or ketchup will change reality.

My point? Stick to simplicity, get something usable with minimum fuss and push it out. Have faith in your product, spend your energy on brand awareness and market it to the world, rather than spending ten years making your site look perfect. Nothing is perfect, things will change with time. You will get another shot at a site revamp later on, so spend your energy on what matters.

The end. This is your pearl of wisdom for the weekend, and you’re welcome.

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