The myriad keys to a good shopping site.

Some things just come on together and seem equally important all at once.

Let’s talk about an e-commerce website. You need well-structured products to interest customers with. A backend system that’s easy enough to maintain without tearing your hair out. A functional website that presents good flow and an easy transaction to complete the sale. A trustworthy web host that doesn’t let you down at the most inappropriate timings. Branding consistency to reassure customers with. Prompt service, to answer queries and to let customers know you still care about them after you’ve grubbed their money with your mitts. Marketing brand awareness, to let people know you exist, and that you are actually worth their dough. How about search engine optimisation? Ah, gotta love the woes of SEO, I’m just happy PPC exists as an alternative. Or better, establishing a social media presence that bypasses traditional search altogether. Nothing beats word of mouth and peer reviews of course.

Everything, and anything at the same time. I’m glad I don’t run a business, it certainly is frustrating to the Nth degree.

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