The recent Sunday loss.

(I was a little pre-occupied to write about it on Sunday, so here goes.)

It was a case of everyone not hitting their shots, plus our 80% scorer James not hitting his as well. You know in the NBA, where teams live and die by the three? We live and die by James’ shots heheh. Not much to talk about when you can’t buy a basket. I was 1 of 4, equally shit. Fatigue and lack of practice meant a drop in lift when shooting, and the motion became disjointed.

Josh made his baskets here and there, but he’s never the guy to want to step up and take charge, preferring to pick his spots. I’d really like him to just for once, demand the ball and score a bunch. Knowing the team player he is, not gonna happen.

Danny got benched for five minutes because of a so-called flagrant foul. Two free throws, possession and one of our bigs had to sit. Not sure what the ref was thinking, but it’s a way dumb call. Regardless, we didn’t lose because of this.

I enjoyed (no, not really) the shouts of “hoy we’ve got a TRAITOR!” from the opposite team when I neatly boxed out their center, grabbed an offensive board.. and passed it to one of their guys. At that point of time, it seemed like there was a guy in blue from the corner of my eye. Ah well, moral of the story is you never, never, never make passes in the paint. Go up and finish the damn basket.

Bright spot? Gary’s hustle as always. He was 0 of 7 from the free throw line (his own count), but he’s improved on being able to get the fouls. Not forgetting, the man is an offensive rebounding machine. He got all of our offensive rebounds to the tune of 2-3 boards per possession, how crazy is that? Tommy point, full stop.

Not too bothered, and here’s hoping the next game will be better!

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