WordPress: Custom post types are fascinating.

After the release of WordPress 3.0, custom post types are becoming frighteningly popular it seems. I’m pretty late to the game, but it’s still something very good to know nonetheless.

What are custom post types (CPT)?
Imagine you need to build a site for movie reviews. Ideally, you would have a database of Movies, with relevant meta-info like Actor, Director, Screenwriter and so on.

This is how WordPress can evolve into a repository for the information required, and a step towards being a full-fledged CRM – by the use of custom post types.

Essentially, you specify your post types to be of a new type (Movie), and customise the attributes that can be tagged to the Movie (as mentioned above). So you’re able to customise your WordPress backend to be able to CRUD (create/remove/update/delete) movies, add related tags and so on.

It’s definitely much more user-friendly this way, allows users that are less tech-oriented to understand what they are doing, and more importantly, not every single damned thing on the site will be a post. Believe me, things start getting blurry when everything is a post without proper separation/categorisation.

Think about restaurants (menu items), e-commerce websites (plenty of variety in products), the possibilities on custom post types are endless. The only problem of course, lies in getting the right plugins.

My recommendations:

Drop a comment if you have better CPT plugins to recommend.

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