A busy Celtics day.

Where to begin? I had a very good stretch of sleep last night (eleven hours), so woke up feeling pretty refreshed and then, the news hit.

Rondo’s ACL tear basically kicked my corner of the internet into a frenzy, so the bulk of my day was spent talking with fellow fans on Twitter and Facebook, shoring up the media presence while feeling a little dejected at the way this season is going. (And of course, attending to work as well.)

I’d just finished a post on the Rondo-less Celtics, so this will go online tomorrow. A similar post will be online (hopefully soon) at US Sports Down Under, so we’ll see how much reach the content has.

Time for the Celtics to get their act together and make a final run. I’m not bearing high hopes on Banner 18, but let’s look for a good playoffs run at the least. Cautious optimism, that’s how I see it. One step at a time.

(And damn, it means I’m never going to be seeing Rondo on my trip in March.)

Get well soon Rondo, I’m looking forward to seeing you on the court once more.

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