Comic: 封神记, an interesting twist

I have been a fanboy of comics since early days, from Japanese manga to Taiwanese and Hong Kong comics. Ahh, what would we do without such entertainment?

封神记 is a creative twist to the good old 封神榜, traditionally a tale of the corrupt Shang Dynasty being overthrown by an army of righteous humans and demigods, which has been retold in the 天子传奇 series.

In this comic, the Shang king is fighting against Heaven and the cruel gods in a bid to cast off the yoke of slavery. He succumbs to the overwhelming power of Heaven, but his son -incidentally the protagonist- learns the harshness of reality while surviving the days after, and eventually continues the fight. And of course, what would we be without divine powers? Always the funnest part about these comics.

Give it a read if you are free, well worth a look.

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