FEED YO KID! (aka Running on fumes.)

Growth spurts can be deadly for the parent.

Elly gets hungry easily these days, and that has been carrying over into the wee hours as well. Hello graveyard shift once more. I have not been sleeping in my own bed for the past week, simply because she slept in the living room on her daybed after the graveyard feed. Guess who’s elected for sentry duty?

A good thing beanbags are a great substitute for beds.

That being said, I was averaging five hours of sleep a day. So very tired, I crashed into bed right after bathing Elly and blacked out for a couple of hours on Friday night. The game plan now is to get enough food into her, a challenge considering how easily she gets distracted.

The one ironclad rule that’s hammered into my mind these days: feed your child until they conk out from carb overload, period. They sleep, you happy man. They pissed, you get pissed on.

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