Five guys and a L, no surprise there.

Just like what the title says, having five guys play the entire game is a bad idea. Even Gary (who’s usually the most energetic of us all) was gassed at the end of it. It certainly didn’t help that the game was at 1630hrs, MSAC is usually a stuffy, humid gym at that time of the day in summer. And of course, we were missing our first offensive option in James, who is busy being performing daddy-like duties at this point with little Jordan.

Good thing about last minute addition Tom though, he’s really good when running on the open court and finishing the drive. He’s easily the fastest in the team, no one is even close to that.

Another few shots in the blame game to myself today.

  • I thought the uniform rule was directed towards the singlets and not the shorts, and I was the one who said relax when Danny was talking about Tom’s shorts. There goes five points.
  • Ball movement was pretty bad today, and it certainly did not help that I made multiple sloppy passes that were picked off by the other team, leading to consecutive easy layups. So bloody hate my judgement today. Lesson to take away from this: calm down and ignore everyone else’s shouts for the ball, reset the possession and play it out.
  • Missed multiple shots as well.

Enough of excuses, on to the game.

Transition is bonus, but we work fine in the half-court. There is no need for no need to force the ball down low repeatedly when we do not have a competent low post presence. Gary is not a low post guy (yet), Danny operates out of the right wing. To dump the ball in to the low post and have double-teams stuffed in our faces is not the best idea. We end up kicking the ball out anyway, with no visible benefit. I like the way Gary and Danny took it in when they were defended one on one however, it forced their guys to foul and send us to the free throw line.

Thought: Nick handles the passing way better than I do, I think he should be the one dictating the passes while I get back to my original offense: mid-range drives and shots.

The problem with handling the ball, I don’t get to do my usual stuff because I’m too busy dribbling and looking around. When you get down to the core of it, I’m not a very good point guard, and it’s tough to progress on this role with limited playing time.

The idea I had been hammering into myself the past few weeks had been to run the pick and roll, but more often than not I dump it off to someone else at the wing than actually run it.

Conclusion: not following through with the plan.

Here’s a new thought.

Something we need to do more often, is to shoot the ball from outside. Outside of James and Josh, we are repeatedly refusing to shoot the ball. This is not a good thing, and I’ll explain why.

Think of the offensive options: we do not play out of the post, we do not cut into the paint often enough, not everyone drives and we do not look for the outside shot enough.

What does that leave us with?

Without James and Josh, our offensive menu more often than not consists of backdoor cuts, offensive rebounds/putbacks, free throws, Danny’s drives and the occasional mid-range. If you notice, most of our points come from inside the paint. While this is not a bad thing, this tells our opponents to tighten their defense into the paint, which makes things relatively difficult for our offensive rebounders and cutters.

So the point I’m trying to make here is: whoever’s playing the 1 and 2 spots need to be ready to shoot.

Emre mentioned before the value of the corner 3, and it’s a waste not to use that part of the court. I’m inclined to agree, but we get to a problem here. Everyone has their own idea on the game plan, and I’m not sure how proper consensus can be achieved, then communicated across to everyone without training sessions, because this involves a huge change in our shot selection. It’s not likely a pep talk during timeouts can change the way we play immediately.

So, what next? I’m not sure either, but the one thing I’ll try to do is to move myself off the ballhandling and start playing my original game, off the ball and on the attack.

Sidenote: thanks for reading guys, I wasn’t aware anyone else other than Nick has been reading my weekly post-game comments. I’ll keep writing, and don’t worry about it changing anything, because I’m writing it more on as a collection of thoughts to the self rather than anything else.

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