The six-month mark and the sheer joy of creation.

Just like that, I’ve been away from full-time employment for a good half year. It hasn’t been entirely unproductive though. These six months gave me the time to engage in areas I would otherwise be struggling to focus on if I had a full-time job. Things like sports journalism, learning to be a better dad (I still suck at it), learning a wee bit about sports tipping, learning to do my own work, and of course the achievement I’m really very proud of – starting Celtics Down Under.

From just a germ of an idea in my head back in October last year, there is now a tangible little community. I’m really very pleased whenever I see active conversation on Twitter with the #AussieCeltics hashtag, just as I feel happy when I hear little brainwaves here and there from the great people I have on the team. Things like having our own T-shirt (a brilliant idea from Justin), starting a podcast (great idea from Nate, and top props to Hayley for carrying the load all this time), and having an active Facebook presence that people actually read, appreciate (my guess) and comment.

Starting a community is a little different from having an online business, because when you do a business you want to track conversions, you want sales, you want people to buy what you’re selling period. To actually have people buy into the idea of your community, to want to participate in it and help out just out of sheer passion – this is seriously something priceless. If you were to ask me right now, nothing is more valuable than the pleasure I get from seeing an idea grow from strength to strength.

Onwards! I’m really excited to see how far we can go on this.

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