Kings of Convenience once more.

It sure has been a while since my first Kings of Convenience concert back at the Esplanade with ZL. Can you believe it has been six years? Sometimes, the passage of time is disturbingly quick. I’m glad I managed to catch them at Hamer Hall today though. It’s their first performance in Australia, and a one night only at that. My thanks to Bill and Jasmine for letting me bail out on the original dinner plan, otherwise I would’ve missed out on this show. I knew Josh was attending the show, but I hadn’t expected him to be sitting in the same row along with his family and Danny as well. Such a coincidence, and I’m glad to know of other people who like KoC too.

My only gripe: KoC only began performing at 930pm. I was seated at 8pm. The first warmup act was okay, but you could tell many people weren’t interested – I wasn’t the only fellow bent over a smart phone, furiously tapping. The second act was much better, a band named Real Estate. The only word I can use to describe their music is psychadelic. Check out the clip below and you’ll see why.

Still, worth a listen. I’m definitely going to spend some time listening to their albums.

Once Erlend and Eirik got onto the stage though, the crowd went wild. The entire performance lasted for about 100 minutes, but it was really good. Loved their hits, especially Cayman Islands and Homesick. Like the last concert I watched, Erlend grabbed a couple of girls up on stage and gyrated to I’d Rather Dance With You in his usual ungainly and carefree manner, such a pleasure to see him enjoying himself without inhibitions. If you’re curious, he dances exactly the same way he did in this music video below.

One noticeable change is the addition of the band, which added a level of depth to the originally simple flavour that is their trademark. Good to hear, but it feels slightly un-KoC-like.

If you’ve never heard of the Kings of Convenience before, I’d highly recommend that you try them today. The simplicity of two guitars and their voices in harmony – seriously, good music. Soothing, evocative and captivating, yet without the complications modern radio hits seem to demand.

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