How is life like in Melbourne?

A friend posed this question to me last night, and it got me thinking – how does one describe life over here? A few words come to mind.

Cranky weather
No explanation required.

Buskers. Music festivals. Artists. Film festivals. Theatre. Comedy Festival. Theatre. Hell, that’s a lot.

You’re talking about the capital of Aussie footy. Every other state has a team, we have teams. Don’t forget cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball, swimming, cycling, marathons. (And there’s this little thing called the Australian Open that’s held in Melbourne.)

To me, the most important word that sums things up is freedom. I feel free to pursue the things I love without pressure. No pressure on the rat race, having the space to live, freedom from all the constant complaints and political dissatisfaction that has been brewing these years. Singapore will always be the hometown where I grew up with all sorts of wonderful memories, but Melbourne is where my life is now.

All of us look for different things in life. Moving out from your hometown is a big step, and it’s something that sounds fun, but actually isn’t. Not everyone is ready for it, and not everyone will go ahead with a drastic life change like this, for various reasons. Among the myriad reasons, the first one is more often than not, relationships. It could be a girlfriend or family or just friends, but there are countless ties that hold the individual back. Not everyone is ready to give everything up and move to a relatively unknown country, much less the logical and pragmatic people us Singaporeans are known as; it’s all about “weighing options” and “keeping options open” and so on.

I’m glad I moved to Melbourne back then. It wasn’t exactly an informed choice, but that’s how my life rolls – I go with destiny’s plan and it’s usually a damn good one. At this point in my life, there’s not much to regret. Outside of not getting enough sleep, life is good.

How do you rate your life?

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