Death by micro-management, suffocating the employee.

All too often, bosses like to think they know best. The truth is, they only think they know best. Everyone has their own forte and ideas on how things should work, there is creativity in diversity. Granted, Steve Jobs always thought he knew best, and he did indeed know best. You’re not Jobs though, and neither am I.

So, what does that mean?

Stop second-guessing and micro-managing the people you hire, allow them the space to operate and perform the job they are supposed to do. Empower them to make decisions, give them responsibility, let them understand the onus is on them regardless of whether they succeed or fail. Make them feel like they have a share in the business, and that they can truly have an impact on the way things work.

No one likes being a mindless automaton at work. Everyone wants to make their workplace better, the only thing is whether they are allowed to. As the boss, it is your decision that paves the road on whether they can fulfill their potential. Allow them to work for you, and do not treat them like mindless extensions of you. Be receptive of suggestions, encourage them to innovate.

Only through independence, delegation and empowering employees to grow, then can you focus on other tasks at hand, and not be bogged down by a million mundane details that seem to require your every attention.

Stop micro-managing, start letting go today.

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