Escalating woes on the N9 front.

What a day. First, it was Wazapp – the damn thing refused to send anything I entered on the keyboard. It took quite a few reboots, but it sorted itself out in the end. While the problem was going on, I could not send any message and could not receive half the messages sent to me. Bloody hell.

After that, it was my contact list. Somehow, they magically unmerged themselves, and I was left with a whole pool of messy contacts. Attempts to remove and re-add my Facebook/Google contacts ended in disaster. The Google contact add eventually worked, but I now had a quarter of my Facebook contacts with their avatars present, and the rest without.

I know, avatars are silly meaningless things. I LIKE AVATARS.

Anyway, that’s the way the situation is going right now – half tempted to toss my N9 out the window if I had one nearby.

Gotta hate, hate, hate technology at times.

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