Search: Meta tags are irrelevant?

Earlier in the day, I was reading about meta tags while thinking of ways to improve SEO on Celtics Down Under. Being hosted on has its limitations, so I was trying to understand what I could do, and what I could not. My reading topic for the day produced this surprising tidbit: meta tags are not so useful in search these days, because search engine algorithms (notably search giant Google) tend to ignore them.

The keywords meta tag could be, and was, abused. So most search engines pay no attention to it (some never did, and some used to but don’t anymore)

wordpress tips: adding meta tags

No day is a bad day when you learn something new, so here goes: today is a good day because I learnt a teensy little bit more about SEO. And now, I can proceed to ignore all those bloody meta tags and not waste my time with them.

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