Beatdown game, flat out.

To be honest, I was kind of running on fumes today, so don’t expect any lengthy discourse. We lost the game today because we could not defend their perimeter shots, plus we could not stop their transition layups. Jeff did his best, but it was just a case of good D, better O.

I’m kind of kicking myself over the transition D thing though, because I went too deep on offense instead of being the usual last man. Lesson learnt. Another stupid thing was my horrible shooting today. Nailed the first jumper, airballed the remaining three. Need. More. Practice.

I like the new wrinkle in Gary’s FT routine; banking it in probably is much easier than trying to swish it. A lot of room for error, all you need is a straight shot on the glass.

Last minute filler Jeff (Danny’s friend) honestly did very well on distributing the ball and moving it up, I’d like it a lot if he’s the de facto point guard. Shame he lives a little too far to join the team on a regular basis.

Points to improve on? Nothing concrete really, outside of needing to figure out better offense when Josh and James are out.

Thanks too to Kenrick for filling in at short notice. It was his first ever league game, so having the jitters was not wholly unexpected. Upside: he adjusted in the second half and played much better. Hell, I remember how awful I was on my first league game. Suffice it to say, it took more than twenty minutes to settle myself down.

And last but not least of course: how often do you see someone dunking in a D grade league game? Probably only in a beatdown game I reckon.

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