Commitment and responsibility.

I have to admit, I’m a volunteer when it comes to doing stuff. I generally do not mind doing things, especially stuff like organising events. To me, committing oneself to a task sounds easy, but is it?

I have seen countless examples of people who are commitment-phobic, and simply cannot put the cross the t’s and dot the i’s often enough for trivial tasks. This to me, is a pretty good indicator on how responsible they would be when push comes to shove.

Of course, we could sugarcoat it and say it’s all about whether the individual deems the matter at hand to be important enough, but my rule has been always to agree to it, or to say no outright – none of that waffling and hesitating bullshit that wastes everyone’s time. If something needs to be done, then roll up your damn sleeves and get to the job. Don’t be a wuss and try fobbing it off someone else or pussyfoot around because you think it’s too much of a hassle. If everyone thinks the same way, how would anything get done?

(Don’t start with the “better him than me” philosophy.)

Be a man of your word, show that your word counts for something, and always carry through. Have the strength to commit, and the will to deliver.

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