Problems sync-ing Google and Facebook contacts? Yep.

As of this morning, I retired my HTC Desire (again) and unwrapped the spanking new LG Google Nexus 4 that arrived via overnight Fedex. Kudos to Google for delivering the phone way ahead of the estimated window! I was really bummed out when the email said to expect 3-4 weeks for shipping, because that was cutting it pretty close to my departure for the States. As fate would have it, I got onto the phone much, much, earlier – gotta love good luck.

The Nexus 4 is really, really fast. Jelly Bean and the quad-core processor combine to make this phone literally perform like greased lightning. No complaints, almost everything was good other than that minor fracas between Facebook and Google on API hooks, which led to stock Android phones being unable to merge their Facebook and Google contacts.

Guess which phone’s running off vanilla Android? You got it right genius.

Thankfully, a cool little app called Sync.ME came to the rescue. It performs its job as the intermediary, and allows Facebook profile pictures to be tacked onto the Google contacts without much hassle. It’s really easy to use with an extremely well-designed UI that emphasises simplicity without getting too complicated, it works and it’s free. What else can anyone ask for?

More comments to come as I fiddle around with it, but it’s likely that no sequel will appear – the phone’s working too well at this point for me to have any real complaints. Big and beautiful display, speedy engine, yum. Granted it has its limitations in the integrated battery and the lack of an SD card slot, but I can live with that.

And did I say it’s cheap as bloody chips? $349 without contract is just out of this world. Look at how much the Galaxy S3 costs, ridiculous without a contract really.

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