Freeloader is one heck of a child carrier.

V shared this Indiegogo crowdfunding project called Freeloader earlier in the evening, and hell does it look good!

It’s lightweight, easily packed and strong. It allows a toddler to be carried on your back after they go into the inevitable “I’m TIRED!” mode, begging to be carried after walking only half the distance. So, very useful for parents who go on trips or dislike the stroller for various reasons (I’m one of those).

Granted it’s not a backpack, but hell does it beat carrying a sleepy toddler with your arms, that’s like lugging a sack of stones on a route march. BAD. IDEA. It obviously frees up your hands for other activities too; I’d like to use my hands for other purposes other than Elly-carrying in the months ahead, and this looks like a really useful thing to have. Comfort for me, comfort for Elly. Both win.

So check out the video, and chip in on a really good project. The project is still about $12,000 away from its $30,000 target, so buy one for yourself or just donate – 18 days to go!

*Just so you know, we are getting one. Yes, how can the pram hater not get one! Puh-leeze. It’s a long way to September though – that’s the target shipping period for the Freeloader. Hopefully we can get one sooner.

You know you want one too. Right? RIGHT! I’ll definitely post a review soon as I get my mitts on one.

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