Struggling through the day.

Some days are just like these, a grind. You wake up, you feel like shit and you know you’re not at 100%. Nonetheless, responsibilities beckon. You get up, grumble and splash some water on your face to wake the hell up.

And it’s time to work.

It’s hard to describe exactly how parenthood is like a grind. It’s not a run-or-die sprint, but a slow arduous march that just does not kill you right away. Instead, it slowly drains you, one little piece at a time. No matter how you feel, what you think, you have a responsibility to someone else that for now (and probably forever), takes priority over your own needs. So you put aside everything that you feel, and get to work.

That’s how things are.

And maintaining your sense of self amidst all the responsibilities, is tough. You tend to get overwhelmed with the life change, with the routine and so on, that you think so much about being a parent and forget that the self is equally important. I’ve been pretty lucky in that I have a good family, and that I’m able to do things I used to enjoy, albeit in limited doses. Not everyone has that, and for this I am thankful.

Nevertheless, it’s still about grinding, even on a day when you have a pounding headache, a runny nose and just general lethargy and a real need to sleep.

It’s just time to work.

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