Ultra Ever Dry: Getting wet is but a distant dream.

(Great share from Stan tonight.)

Ever thought about waterproofing something so thoroughly, water droplets literally fly off the surface?

This is it. Ultra Ever Dry is seriously something unbelievable. Seeing is believing, so I direct your attention to the video below.

As awesome as it looks, there are certain caveats as stated on the FAQ. It’s not suitable for underwater environments, it does not come as a transparent variant (yet) and it cannot take high heat (or resist fire – this shit is potentially flammable.).

I’d love to see this as an application on car windscreens or as a car wax, or how about eyewear? Having these on the inside surface of goggles could be pretty cool too. It’ll be funny if the exterior walls of buildings were sprayed with this; imagine the faces of those graffiti kids when their spray paint just slides off the walls without leaving a single mark.

So many damn possibilities, I’d love to see this how the market uses Ultra Ever Dry.

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