The recipe for a blowout loss.

Have four guys in a game, add exhaustion and stir well. Final score, 50-12. I think this is likely the worst loss we have had since I joined. We were trailing close at the half, but the second half just killed us. I can’t speak for everyone, but I was seriously gassed. Took a ton of layups (five at least if not more), hit a baseline jumper, and that was it.

To be fair, we weren’t exactly seriously playing later on when it became evident we were not going to get back into the game. Josh suggested practicing the pick and roll instead, and man. I have to say, running the P&R 4-on-5 and with everyone not in sync is seriously tough. This is like the first game since forever that we actually ran the P&R multiple times. It’s something that I really like, but I reckon we need more practice to get it down pat. There were many instances when I drove in waiting for someone to cut and get the pass, and it did not happen. After that, it became a matter of forcing the layup, something I did really badly today. Fault’s still on me, but I’m confident we can get this sorted out with practice. Kudos to Josh, Gaz and Danny for playing the game out.

I have to sort of agree with Gaz on the point that missing Tsun is taking us out of the D grade level. This is something I have been thinking about for a while; having a player who makes 70% to 80% of your points is not the best recipe to long-term success. The moment he’s unavailable, it’s crash and burn time. Josh thinks we could do better with six guys in a game, but we have been through those situations before and most days it’s either a close loss or a loss. Either way, a loss.

I have to say, taping my ankle’s probably the best decision ever. It’s a bitch to do before every game, but the level of support it provides is unmatched.

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