Reading more, a little bit each day.

I used to read a fair bit while taking the train to and from work. Now that train time no longer happens, my reading time actually went down. A lot. I blame the internet, chores and Elly – but yes it’s actually me.

These days, I’m making a real effort to spend more time reading. So long as there’s nothing pressing to be done, I step away from the desk, make myself comfortable somewhere and read.

(It’s only at times like these that you realise how behind you are on your reading.)

The internet, our respository of instant information is all well and good, but reading improves our grasp of the language, and makes us think. It’s like the difference between taking a walk to enjoy the scenery, and just teleporting to the damn destination. The journey is important, period.

Now, to see how many books I can actually finish in a year. Not optimistic, but I’ll give it a good shot.

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