Turning it over into a loss.

Not sure if it was the morning practice session, but I played like shit after approximately five minutes. Knew it was going to be a bad shooting night after I bricked almost every single attempt at warmups – extremely bad sign. Totally forgot about taking an extra step in to initiate contact on the drives, did it awkwardly every single time.

The game ended with a sprained knuckle (I know right, how the hell do you sprain a knuckle), zero points and a bazillion turnovers by yours truly. Botched passing, botched on the receiving end of passes, just plain bad. I know the game plan is to cut, but it seems like I cut and cut and cut, and approximately 90% of the time the ball just doesn’t come. Frustrating sometimes, but nothing to gripe about – I’ll just have to learn to get the ball handler’s attention better.

It’s really pissing me off that I can’t get a proper grip on Danny’s passes when I cut, because the pass is somehow or other slightly off every time and I end up fumbling it, and the inevitable “DAMMIT KEIN!” comes. No excuses anyway, have to adjust.

The only thing I guess I should be proud of is that I fouled a big on a fast break layup, and he ended up bricking one shot and airballing the other.

Most of us didn’t play well, but Josh had a terrific shooting night at the 3 line. It’s a shame he didn’t take as many shots, but I know he prefers to go with the flow rather than forcing shots up. That being said, credit to the other team for capitalising on their opportunities. Honestly speaking, they were much better in terms of swinging the ball, forcing it into the paint and taking the open shot. No shame in the loss, just disgusted at own mistakes.

Liked the post-game drinks with the guys too, really enjoyed listening to them. Just so brain-dead, it’s tough coming up with stories of my own at times.

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