Patience, and a time for everything.

Got a problem? Do something about it right now.

This is the pro-active mindset that people have, when faced with a problem. Some others choose to ignore the problem until it explodes in their faces, not exactly an ideal scenario as well.

Is there however, middle ground for situations like these? I like to think that solutions need to be applied in the right dose, and at the right time. There are times when nipping the issue in the bud is the best, and some other times when you have to wait and let the situation play out. Times like these call for patience, and it’s not often the easiest thing to do. This becomes especially apparent when dealing with other people. Tact is needed, and finding the right time to talk to someone about a problem is an art at times.

Learn to trust your instincts however, and be patient. Observe the situation, think about what the best answer could be, rather than diving head first into a hasty solution that could have negative repercussions later. Timing is important.

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