Tiny quirks on the Nexus 4.

Small bugs noticed on the Nexus 4 so far:

  • When playing music using the stock Google app with the screen off, turning the screen back on by hitting the power button causes flashing between the music app and the lock screen, as if the phone can’t decide which to display. Unlocking the phone fixes this. Not pretty while it’s happening though.
  • Playing music on the stock Google app with an incoming call caused the current song to hang and playback stuck. Choosing the next track on the playlist fixed this.
  • Exiting the camera app takes a bit of effort, because the back/home buttons disappear. You have to swipe from the right edge of the screen, leftwards to get to the Gallery screen before you can exit.
  • Sometimes, nothing happens when I hit the power button that’s supposed to wake the phone up from a blank screen into the lock screen.
  • This is more of an Android design quirk than anything else: having ringtones and notification tones separated into different folders results in file duplication if I want the same tone for both.
  • Another design gripe: the Phone function doesn’t intuitively predict names. For example, if I’d wanted Andy I would hit 263 and available names that begin with “AND” should appear as calling options.

Small problems though, nothing to get fussed about. For the price and overall performance, the Nexus 4 is still a winning choice. There are also little things I like, one of them being the filters and basic editing options (crop, rotate etc) in the Gallery app. The integrated Dropbox menu is a big plus too.

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