The one thing everyone should be thankful for.

Let’s put it this way, I’m not much of a standout guy when it comes to most things. Not likely to shake the world by its very roots or change the lives of countless others, just a fellow passing through the currents of life like so many others.

If there is anything I’m really proud of –and I mean really, really happy to show off and wave in everyone’s faces–, it would be the fact that I am rich. Not materially rich, but spiritually, so much richer by the friends and family that have seen fit to grace my life with their presence. Say what you want, but I’m a very lucky guy to have all these wonderful people around. People who have seen fit to make a positive impact in my life, and extend a helping hand whenever I needed it.

For this, I am deeply thankful. Times like this make me appreciate the simple saying – “no man is an island”.

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