Iron Man 3: More man than armour.

Even though the Mandarin turned out to be some crocked up stage actor in the final episode of the Tony Stark trilogy, I quite enjoyed the ride. Marvel has consistently done an excellent job on the Iron Man movie franchise, and this movie is no exception.

What I really liked about the film was the fact that there was less glitzy visuals on the invincible armoured flying suits, and a sizeable chunk of screen time devoted to the man behind the suit. The Iron Man suits are shown to have their flaws, and are torn apart one after another in the closing segment.

This movie also did a good job on telling a story about relationships; about cause and effect, and the fragility of Stark. Whilst everyone sees him as being invincible behind the suit, the man is haunted, sleepless and suffering. That being said, the movie did not push the emotions too hard. After all, we are watching Iron Man.

Spoiler upcoming, so stop here if you have not watched the flick.

Stark has his shrapnel fragments removed from his body in the end, the arc reactor gets removed and ends up being tossed into the ocean.

Is this the end of Iron Man? Not really. I’m pretty sure Iron Man Extremis is coming right up in the next Iron Man movie. In the meantime, the trilogy closes with Stark as himself, and Iron Man out of the picture. The ending sequence (post-credits) with Bruce Banner acting as resident shrink though, that was a little awkward. It reminds me of the shawarma clip after the Avengers movie heh.

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