Using multiple Google accounts on one Google Calendar

Many people have multiple Google accounts out of necessity, the most obvious point being the fantastic functionality GMail offers. Why wouldn’t you want to have your work and personal email accounts hosted on GMail? How about taking it a step further, and accessing both email addresses from a single GMail interface? Having one platform to control all your accounts is the next logical step to convenience after all.

The snag about an arrangement like this though, comes when you respond to calendar invites. You will notice that you are not signed in to the correct account, and cannot respond. How do we work around this?

Sign in to both accounts at the same time
Click on your profile at the top right corner and select the option: Add account. This feature allows you to sign in to both Google accounts at the same time, which would allow you to respond to the invite properly.

There is a neater way though.

Giving management rights to your Google Calendar
Simply assign the appropriate privileges for your Google Calendar to the other email account.

Click on the Gears icon and go to Settings, go to Calendars, click on Shared: Edit Settings for the appropriate calendar. Under the section Share with specific people, type your other email address, allow See all event details, and Add Person.

That’s it, you’re done.

Sidenote: if you cannot assign the privilege you desire, it is likely due to the domain settings in your Google Apps page. Change the Calendar setting accordingly, and you are set.

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10 thoughts on “Using multiple Google accounts on one Google Calendar

  1. There’s a pretty serious issue with this for people with more than one work calendar, though. Anyone booking your time has to go look at all your calendars to see if you have a conflict.


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