Update Infinitec Pocket TV firmware to version 4.0 ICS

So, I had a second try at trying to rescucitate something that had been gathering dust. It was time to to update my Infinitec Pocket TV firmware, one that would hopefully cure the initial bout of disappointment with the performance.

The first try: updating the Infinitec Pocket TV firmware

Up came the speed bump: I couldn’t complete my Infinitec Pocket TV firmware update successfully with the suggested method from the Infinitec forum, which was through Settings – About Pocket TV – System Update.

An error came up, and I got this pretty picture on my TV.

Infinitec Pocket TV update error message

E: Bad bootloader arguments “null”

Finding update package…

Opening update package…

Verifying update package…

E:signature verification failed

Installation aborted.

what. the heck. I didn’t have a spare SD card handy to download it elsewhere either.

Getting advice from the source

Next order of business: sent an email over to Infinitec for advice, and Derek G from the support team had this to say:

This is discussed in the forum quite a bit.  The old updater has bugs that make it not work about 70% of the time.  The best solution has been to use an sd-card.

However, you can download the OTA ZIP directly to the device’s internal storage.  Then, open the “Upgrader” app from the app drawer.  Select the downloaded ZIP and try to flash it. Sometimes, users get lucky after a few attempts.

Executing the Infinitec Pocket TV firmware update successfully

I’ll break his suggestion down into steps, to make it easier to follow.

  1. Download the 200MB  Infinitec Pocket TV firmware update using the Browser app on your Pocket TV: http://infinitec.com/updates/ptv01/ICS_040031.zip
  2. The file will be stored in /mnt/sdcard/Download. To make the Upgrade app locate the install file, you need to move it to the root directory, which is /mnt/sdcard/. I used the FileBrowser app to cut and paste it into the right path.
  3. Use the Upgrade app in the app drawer. You go to the app drawer by clicking on the icon on the top right corner of the home screen.
  4. Select Local upgrade
  5. Select the .zip
  6. The Infinitec Pocket TV firmware will be ready to reboot and install the .zip update. Let ‘er rip!
  7. SUCCESS! Update complete.

Response feels better now, thanks to Derek for the tip. More comments to come as I test it out.

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