Two ways to check GMail more often

Anyone who uses GMail for multiple POP3 accounts knows this: you cannot adjust the frequency of email retrieval.

The default interval is one hour. Depending on how often your account gets sent emails, you could end up waiting for an hour for new emails to arrive.

The quick fix: How do I check GMail more often?

If you want to force GMail to check your email accounts more frequently, one easy way would be hit the Refresh icon. Now, hitting the refresh all day long. Sound like something you want to do all day long? Not me.

This problem of not being able to automatically check GMail more often has obviously hit a lot of users out there, and here are two ways you could overcome it.

Daniel Slaughter’s GMail POP3 Checker

Install this Greasemonkey script on your preferred Greasemonkey-compatible browser, set the mail check interval you prefer and away you go! The script will check GMail more often, according to the interval you like – the default is 8 minutes.

The good thing about this? It will automatically check all of the POP3 accounts on GMail.

Downside: you have to run the script from your computer, which means you need it to be running constantly.

IFTTT (IF This Then That)

IFTTT provides new ways of harnessing the power of the internet and making it work for you. This handy IFTTT Gmail check recipe sends an email to your POP3 account every hour, reminding GMail that your account receives mails frequently and should be checked more often.  Add four instances of this recipe on your IFTTT, and you’ll have automated emails sent every 15 minutes. (These emails should be automatically filtered and deleted by the way.)

The good thing about this? No local script installs are required. Set it up once, and this will work.

Downside: you’re not actually setting regular interval checks, but rather making GMail recognise that you receive emails often enough to warrant frequent mail downloads. Manipulating the algorithm, so to speak.

Downside #2: you have to set this up for every POP3 account you want frequently checked.

Give these two methods a try, see if it helps you to check GMail more often. If you liked this post, leave a comment! Or better, share the love with other frustrated GMail users.


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