The fatal curse.

Realised this a month or so ago, which I think is a good, yet bad thing. Whenever I have time, I invariably invent some project/startup/seemingly brilliant idea to save the world. Something that will usually consume my waking and sleeping moments, buzz around in my head incessantly and turn my life into a neverending list of to-do’s.

NZ nailed it right then when he said, you only realised this recently? Took all of five seconds to realise, hell yeah he’s right. Even my holidays are always packed to the brim.

I suspect a part of this stems from a crazy voice in my head that rages like this:

  • No one’s doing this yet, so WHY DON’T YOU! Make the lives of others better dammit!
  • Someone else is doing a real shitty job at it, so WHY DON’T YOU! You know you can do better!

And before I know it, I’m neck deep and treading water hard. Not once, not twice, but multiple times in the years gone by. I’m not saying the attempts have been raging successes (the opposite in fact), but I end up losing sleep and sinking a huge amount of time into the whole gig. The journey is always fun though. Tiring, draining, but fun somehow. Not to mention the current project is looking kinda good, have high hopes for it.

Smiley from the sMirC-series. facepalm

Conclusion: I will never really be free until I kick this habit. Which, in case you were wondering, is NEVERGONNAHAPPEN. Argh.

I miss my PS3, so need to finish up Skyrim.

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Of a morning conversation that meant something, yet nothing.

Had a conversation with a guy who was clearly high on something, while waiting for the train this morning. I mean, we’re talking about a dude who took five minutes to sit on the same bench as me, and failed miserably.

Guy: Hey, you want (something unintelligible)?
Me: Nah.
Guy: Yeah?
Me: No.
Guy: Yeah?
Me: No.
Guy: No?
Me: Yeah.
Guy: Yeah?
Me: No.
Guy: No?
Me: Yeah, no.

I’m not sure what happened either.

Showing a little bit of fandom for Dreamz FM

So I was feeling nostalgic since the weekend, and happily doing what I haven’t been doing in a long time: listening to music. Old music at that. It sounds odd, but I used to belt songs out loud back when I was still in Singapore, and that habit gradually got killed over the years of living in Melbourne.

(It’s called showing respect. Just because my parents didn’t complain about the noise pollution, didn’t mean V wouldn’t. And in case you were wondering, yes she did.)

Horror ensured

It came to a part when I was listening to 梦‧飞船 (Dreamz FM), loving their songs once more and Googling Dreamz FM, and I realised something truly horrific – the band did not exist on the internet. Fragments could be found in the occasional forum. Nothing was in Wikipedia. A few photographs, most of them album cover art. The one Facebook page that claimed to be a fan page for the band, had eight fans. EIGHT. With practically zero content at that. What. The. Eff.

I was flabbergasted. Disgusted. Ashamed. Should Dreamz FM be forgotten in (online) history just like that, with no mention of them at all on our beloved intarwebs outside of the omnipotent Baidu and various Chinese MP3 websites? Something had to be done. And so, I did.

And so it came to be.. on Facebook

I present to you, the Dreamz FM 梦‧飞船 Facebook page. At the very least, it contains everything I found tonight: forum mentions, YouTube videos and playlists, a short biography plus track listings of their three albums: some content to keep the love alive. Like it, share it, and may your likes keep our memories of that wonderful group alive forever.

Incidentally, here’s my favourite track of the night from their third album, 航行记录3.


歌 作曲:梦飞船
词 编曲:林毅心

爱 是否就是等待
我徘徊 于放弃的无奈
在 7-11的门外


^Oh Baby 如果我不再回电
消失了 你会不会发现
曾经让你依靠的肩 会不会眷恋
才能告别 等待的厌倦
结束 7-11的爱恋

重复 * ^

Oh Baby 如果我不再回电
消失了 你会不会发现
曾经让你依靠的肩 会不会眷恋
才能够告别 等待的厌倦
结束 7-11的
7-11 的爱恋

消失了 你会不会发现

才能告别 等待的厌倦

消失了 你会不会发现








就如老妈常说,要靠天时,地利,人和。不只运气,还需要很大的努力。Aaron, 绝对是个值得尊重的歌手,也是我永远的偶像。