The fatal curse.

Realised this a month or so ago, which I think is a good, yet bad thing. Whenever I have time, I invariably invent some project/startup/seemingly brilliant idea to save the world. Something that will usually consume my waking and sleeping moments, buzz around in my head incessantly and turn my life into a neverending list of to-do’s.

NZ nailed it right then when he said, you only realised this recently? Took all of five seconds to realise, hell yeah he’s right. Even my holidays are always packed to the brim.

I suspect a part of this stems from a crazy voice in my head that rages like this:

  • No one’s doing this yet, so WHY DON’T YOU! Make the lives of others better dammit!
  • Someone else is doing a real shitty job at it, so WHY DON’T YOU! You know you can do better!

And before I know it, I’m neck deep and treading water hard. Not once, not twice, but multiple times in the years gone by. I’m not saying the attempts have been raging successes (the opposite in fact), but I end up losing sleep and sinking a huge amount of time into the whole gig. The journey is always fun though. Tiring, draining, but fun somehow. Not to mention the current project is looking kinda good, have high hopes for it.

Smiley from the sMirC-series. facepalm

Conclusion: I will never really be free until I kick this habit. Which, in case you were wondering, is NEVERGONNAHAPPEN. Argh.

I miss my PS3, so need to finish up Skyrim.

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