Getting back in gear.

Well, well, well.

Hello again to full-time work! It certainly has been a long while. This new role certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park so far, and I am woefully out of my depth so far. Learning about the people, technology and daily routine has the brain moving in fifth gear right now, and to attempt to troubleshoot without enough information of the situation and knowledge of how things work, is just a bad formula for me. I’m the sort of guy who likes to know everything inside out, so that when problems occur, I can rule out things right away because I know. And I don’t know jackshit right now. Still, it is a pretty flimsy excuse.

Goal in the days ahead: I’m just going to focus on getting to work early, get stuff done before people start streaming in, and slowly document while understanding the entire company’s infrastructure better. I don’t mind taking less time on lunch to get work done, but I need to leave on time, especially when staying another five hours will not make me any more productive.

Short-term goal? To get this current disaster fixed one way or the other, and move on.

Today was an eye-opener though, because I have had the privilege to see one of the most insightful, energetic, tactful and humble people in my life so far. Total respect, enough said. Looking forward to working together with him!

That being said, I’m glad too to have a boss who’s cut from the same bolt of cloth as I am.

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