The most important resource in life, and what truly matters.

I used to think that money was pretty important.

After I recovered from my illness though, the perspective changed drastically. Call it an epiphany, maybe.

Time, not money, is both the most valuable and limited resource we possess. Without time, there’s no way we can accomplish anything of worth. Nowadays, I assess potential tasks and projects with two questions:

  1. Can I commit the time necessary to get them done, and
  2. Is the outcome worth my time and effort?

In a way, this loops back to the stuff I learnt from Tim Ferriss and the Four Hour Work Week long ago. Time is precious, free yourself up from things that can be effectively outsourced.

Perhaps it’s the fact that work keeps me so busy during the day, my personal time has become much more precious. Or maybe, it might be because of the workload that’s forced me to reassess my time versus output ratio. I’m not even going to go into the projects I had on my plate outside work. It’s a good thing quite a few of them ended at the same time for various reasons, otherwise I would honestly be dying right now.

For good or for worse, this shift in mindset is definitely going to change the way I prioritise tasks. I’m viewing it as a “good” for now. The important thing to always remember though, is that two things are always going to be worth our time. Our passions, and the people that matter.

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