Settling into the new routine.

This is what life on a weekday looks like after The Pick and Roll site was launched last month.

  1. Sleep an average of 5-6 hours.
  2. Get up, go to work. START GRINDING.
  3. Answer #TeamPnR emails if I have a few minutes to spare.
  4. Fix up publishing mistakes pronto if any of the other guys notice something.
  5. Enjoy an hour of lunch and quiet reading.
  6. Get off work.
  7. Enjoy dinner, family time.
  8. Proofread and format at least three drafts and schedule them for publishing. Leave feedback for writers.
  9. Attend to anything else that’s required. This varies from discussing new ideas for articles to checking site statistics to sorting T-shirt orders to preparing contests to finding some amazing new plugin to make the site better. For example, I spent about 3-4 hours last night creating the Editorial About page. Or sometimes, it’s just talking with Steve and Terry to get ideas on what needs to be done.
  10. Check the site to see if any drafts have been unattended to. Making sure nothing gets left on the shelf, very important.

Weekends are sometimes worse, especially if I have spare time on my hands. For example, I probably spent eight hours (minimum) clearing up drafts and tidying bits and pieces all over the place.

I’m looking forward to spreading the load out more among the editors, and to spend less time slogging like a workhorse every night at this. Not complaining though, it’s more of a labour of love than anything else.

The other upside: I’m starting to write more at Celtics Down Under, which is one of the reasons I started the site to begin with, but ironically got sidetracked into doing so much of the other stuff essential to running the site, writing got sidelined. Hoping I keep the writing up this time!

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