Post-2013 thoughts.

2013, unlike 2012 has been more of a slower year. Still changes, just a little slower-paced. Here’s the good old recap:

  • Venture: Started The Pick and Roll. What began as a spitballing idea on Facebook between Steve, Jim and I, and an email conversation between Terry and myself, eventually coalesced into a full-blown effort into developing an Australian-oriented basketball site, which is currently steamrolling its way into Aussie coverage for European leagues, college and high school basketball, as well as the good old NBA staple. Thank you all for being there and chipping in, and deepest thanks to all the writers for your ceaseless contributions, especially stalwarts like Terry, Damian, Steve, Tommy, Dean, Michael T, the two Josh’s, Darrel and more, who have been gunning and keeping the site active. Very blessed to have you guys on board.
  • Celtics Down Under: Moving ahead to a tough season, glad to see everyone positive. Been great to have all of you guys around: Tommy, Justin, Dave, Michael, Hayley, Kaine, May etc. Go #AussieCeltics! Looking forward to our first ever gathering next month too.
  • Concert: Caught the Kings of Convenience in Melbourne, wonderful night.
  • Travel:
    • Went to the US again, this time with V. Great to be back in New York and Boston. First time travelling around California!
    • Also went back to SG for three weeks, caught up with a ton of friends, something I’m really grateful for.
  • Entered the TD Garden under a media pass and stepped into the Celtics locker room, up close with players like Paul Pierce, Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass et al, and to have been at the next table from people like Tommy Heinsohn, Mike Gorman and Danny Ainge who were talking about college prospects? Fantastic night. (Also entered the MSG under a media pass, which was amazing in its own way, but not as fantastic as being on my home team ground!)
  • Basketball: Picking balling at places like Monash Caulfield, Carlton Baths and MSAC. Organised Sunday training sessions at Carlton Baths for a while, which eventually petered out due to a lack of commitment. Also played in a couple of MSAC leagues as a filler, something that looks to continue this year.
  • Family: Second kid on the way! It took a little longer than when we tried for Elly, but the good old gonads did their work and our little boy will be out in a month or so.
  • Work: After a fruitless series of extensive interviews with another ISP and a black hole experience with every other online job application, finally got something up thanks to Jasmine. Got back into work, this time as a one-man IT support role in a call center. Not the easiest when you know that everything lies on your shoulders, but a job is a job. Bitching doesn’t get work done, get cracking instead. Have to say, the people here are great.
  • Wedding: Attended Joseph’s wedding here in Melbourne, enjoyed it despite having a pounding headache and a shit time with hay fever.
  • Friends: Very lucky to have caught up with primary school mates I haven’t seen in years, like Huiqing, Yuzhong, Zihui, Kenny and Jinwei.

Onwards to another exciting year, which I’m sure will involve more surprises.