Being in a good spot.

It’s been a while since I last balled, maybe a month even? I’m trying not to head out too often these days and help out with baby duties. Or even if I’m the fifth wheel on the bus, at least be there.

Was so bushed when I got home after work, but a quick nap really helped.

Tonight’s basketball, while definitely not my finest showing ever, was pretty good. I somehow retained my shooting touch, and made most of the shots I attempted. An amazing feat, if I might say so! I reckon it’s the friendly rim more than anything else though, so am not floating too high on euphoria. The two drives I attempted weren’t too bad, but I probably took too many dribbles to get there, and it was more of having a shitload of space and charging my way in more than anything else. In a 1v1 situation, I might not have gotten those opportunities.

It was fun guarding this new guy who joined tonight’s session too. He’s a knockdown mid-range shooter, will absolutely nail it in your face if you give him space. Figuring his tendencies out took a while, and he was hitting shots in my face all the time. Knows how to run off the ball to get open, can drive (although I think he’s a better shooter than he is driving), and decent rebounder. Not good in the post on defense though.

Always good to ball, and am looking forward to the next session. Now, if only my hands will stop peeling.

Ideas about Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a seriously well-designed plugin for WordPress, and I’ve been very thankful for its presence throughout the lifetime of PnR so far. That being said, there are still some features I would like to see addressed, and at this point I wouldn’t even mind paying to get it done, so long as it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

For starters, fixing my current bug with contributors not being able to assign notifications to the required editors. Authors and above can see the box just fine, but contributors are outcasts as far as this is concerned. I’ve made it work by creating user groups with the editor and writer pairs, but it’s a little clunky to do.

I’ll probably have to take time out to set up a dev site and test this further, just in case it’s a site-specific issue. In which case, I’d need help on debugging anyway. HALP!

Next up, my “ideal editorial notification system“:

I have this idea about how the editorial notification system should be like for a multi-author, multi-editor environment.

1. Contributor Dan writes a draft, and sets it to pending review.
2. Editor Sean automatically gets an email notification.
3. Secondary editor Dave automatically gets an email too.

I understand this can be achieved by creating a user group with Dan/Sean/Dave and using this snippet:

It’s a little unwieldy in that if Sean or Dave happen to write up a draft, Dan will get the notification as well. It’d be great if there was an easy way to automatically assign an editor (or two) to every user, and have them receive notifications only when the article is ready for review.

Now, if only I get some assistance on making the above stuff work, it’ll seriously make my life a lot easier in terms of assigning editors to writers and making sure the notifications are done properly.

Moment of idiocy.

So I opened the car door today, ducked into the car, and ended up slamming my head into it.

Pure brilliance.

Approximately eight hours later, my left temple still throbs. Moral of the story: do not be a smart arse. Open the door fully and get in, instead of trying to sprint into the car like a a thief trying to make a quick getaway.

The journey begins once more.

On 21 Feb 2014, I went from being the dad of one, to being the dad of two.

WELL DONE, ME! (Nine months ago, that is.)

The real credit goes to V, who did all of the work in getting our little boy out into this world. Thanks to J and IL for helping on the day of delivery, and to all our friends and family for the well wishes, congratulations and encouragement. The delivery wasn’t a one push event like a certain friend of mine. It took 17 pushes (in true Celtic tradition y’all – 17 pushes for 17 banners!) and epidural was used, but V got through it with a minimum of fuss this time. She was even coherent enough to exclaim, “I can see the head!” in the middle of contractions no less. I thought it was a pretty funny moment.

One thing that will linger in my memories on the childbirth: the pungent smell of blood in the delivery suite. It smelt like I was at the butcher’s but worse. Way worse.

Every child is different, and we keep reminding ourselves. The seemingly familiar journey of caring for a newborn begins once again. Same, yet different. One thing for sure, life is never going to be dull with two kids around!


p.s. a lot of people noticed little Keilen’s name is an amalgam of mine and V’s, but no one ever realised Elly’s name is a combination too, albeit in reverse.

Little bits of positivity in 2014.

This was about two weeks ago, when I sent a little something to cheer a friend up.


My dear friend… Thank you for the beautiful roses! So sweet of you to send them 🙂 Miss the good old times. Sorry I’ve been busy… But thank you for always saying hello so that I’m reminded to take a break. Big hug!

And this other message I got the day before, was unexpected. In a good way. Seeing this in the morning really brought a smile to my face.

I’m so glad I’ve always had u along the way… Through all the stumbles and falls. Just suddenly grateful and thankful for having u around! Forever my SOS!

I’m really glad to have been able to make a difference in their lives. It really is true, that thing about how your life’s impact is felt by the number of people whom you made a difference to. And of course, I’ll keep doing silly little things and be there for them, simply because it feels like the right thing to do.