The journey begins once more.

On 21 Feb 2014, I went from being the dad of one, to being the dad of two.

WELL DONE, ME! (Nine months ago, that is.)

The real credit goes to V, who did all of the work in getting our little boy out into this world. Thanks to J and IL for helping on the day of delivery, and to all our friends and family for the well wishes, congratulations and encouragement. The delivery wasn’t a one push event like a certain friend of mine. It took 17 pushes (in true Celtic tradition y’all – 17 pushes for 17 banners!) and epidural was used, but V got through it with a minimum of fuss this time. She was even coherent enough to exclaim, “I can see the head!” in the middle of contractions no less. I thought it was a pretty funny moment.

One thing that will linger in my memories on the childbirth: the pungent smell of blood in the delivery suite. It smelt like I was at the butcher’s but worse. Way worse.

Every child is different, and we keep reminding ourselves. The seemingly familiar journey of caring for a newborn begins once again. Same, yet different. One thing for sure, life is never going to be dull with two kids around!


p.s. a lot of people noticed little Keilen’s name is an amalgam of mine and V’s, but no one ever realised Elly’s name is a combination too, albeit in reverse.

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