Being in a good spot.

It’s been a while since I last balled, maybe a month even? I’m trying not to head out too often these days and help out with baby duties. Or even if I’m the fifth wheel on the bus, at least be there.

Was so bushed when I got home after work, but a quick nap really helped.

Tonight’s basketball, while definitely not my finest showing ever, was pretty good. I somehow retained my shooting touch, and made most of the shots I attempted. An amazing feat, if I might say so! I reckon it’s the friendly rim more than anything else though, so am not floating too high on euphoria. The two drives I attempted weren’t too bad, but I probably took too many dribbles to get there, and it was more of having a shitload of space and charging my way in more than anything else. In a 1v1 situation, I might not have gotten those opportunities.

It was fun guarding this new guy who joined tonight’s session too. He’s a knockdown mid-range shooter, will absolutely nail it in your face if you give him space. Figuring his tendencies out took a while, and he was hitting shots in my face all the time. Knows how to run off the ball to get open, can drive (although I think he’s a better shooter than he is driving), and decent rebounder. Not good in the post on defense though.

Always good to ball, and am looking forward to the next session. Now, if only my hands will stop peeling.

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